General-Instructions- CSIR-NET-Chemical-Science

Time : 3 Hours
Read the following instructions carefully.

Maximum Marks : 200
  • This Test contains one hundred and forty five (20 Part ‘A’ + 50 Part ‘B’ +75 Part ‘C’) Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs). You are required to answer a maximum of 15, 35 and 25 questions from part ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ respectively. If more than required number of questions are answered, only first 15, 35 and 25 questions in Part ‘A’ ‘B’ and ‘C’ respectively, will be taken up for evaluation.
  • Each question in Part ‘A’ and ‘B’ carries 2 marks and Part ‘C’ questions carry 4 marks each respectively. There will be negative marking @ 25% for each wrong answer.
  • Below each question in Part ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ four alternatives or responses are given. Only one of these alternatives is the “correct” option to the question. You have to find , for each question, the correct or the best answer.
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